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Deaf Talent™ Media & Entertainment Consulting, a division of Jade Films and Entertainment, LLC, is in a special position to help companies navigate through transformative change during this age of "representation matters." With hundreds of projects involved in parts of the entertainment ecosystem, we consult clients on accessibility and creative developments in the arenas of media, entertainment, and technology. Our roster holds  a deep wealth of knowledge of Deaf and Disabled experiences and viewpoints involving education, pop cultures, languages, such as American Sign Language and Black American Sign Language, (ASL & BASL), History, literature, design, space, art, fashion, music, and more. 

Deaf Talent™ Media & Entertainment also collaborates with producers, writers, directors, and executives to ensure that our cultural representations with Deaf and Disabled characters, that their cultural representations, unique insights, storylines, and distinct points of view are multi-dimensional and authentic. When it comes to Hollywood storytelling, oftentimes, in film and television, we see on the screen that misrepresents and reinforces dangerous stereotypes of POC and Black Deaf characters. This is what we are here for and we look forward to partnering with changemakers within the media, entertainment, and technology industry.



The Deaf Talent Movement, founded by the first Black Deaf Filmmaker/Activist, Jade Bryan in 2012, is a social and cultural force centralized on spreading awareness about the lack of authentic representation of Deaf BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) in television and film. This movement started small through social media and on the streets, eventually permeating throughout both online and real-life platforms. Deaf Talent™ Media & Entertainment Consulting is a natural evolvement of that movement. Deaf Talent™ is a cultural icon. #DeafTalent® is a registered trademark of Jade Films and Entertainment.

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"Diversity is who is in the room. Inclusion is who

has influence in that room." - Nmira Anani


Writer/Associate Consultant

Meet The Core Team.

Jade Bryan




Jade is an award-winning filmmaker and activist. She has been producing, directing, and writing films for over 25 years. Her bio is too lengthy to list in this little box. Here’s what you need to know:

Jade believes in promoting inclusion, visibility, and positive representation about Deaf Talent who identifies as POC or Black on television and film. She spearheaded the #DeafTalent Movement in 2012, to spread awareness on social media and the Hollywood industry. Jade is currently developing dramedy television series of her own with Hollywood executives.

Adrienne Brown Gravish


Writer/Associate Consultant


Adrienne Brown Gravish is a Black Deaf woman freelance consultant who advises Black freelance writers of comic books, graphic novels and scripts on writing Black Deaf characters’ authentic selves. She is also one of the writers with one of Jade Films’ upcoming television projects. Adrienne’s favorite childhood memories involve watching old vaudeville silent films like Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin before closed captioning boxes existed. She resides in Maryland and enjoys good films, great tv and great theater. 

Rose Mohr


Social Media Assistant


Rose hails from Baltimore, MD and currently lives in Phoenix, AZ. She first recognized she loved to act at Maryland School for the Deaf by being involved in plays every year. She participated in several events to perform songs in ASL at NTID/RIT. She took some acting classes in Los Angeles in Summer 2013 and NYC in Spring 2014. From 2016 to 2019, Rose worked at Phoenix Day School for the Deaf’s spring plays by translating scripts into ASL. She was asked to be an assistant director then a year later, she became the director. Rose loves to listen to music and translate it into ASL. She want to continue her passion with all things acting. She also write poems and songs.

Terry Becerril


Writer/Associate Consultant


Theresa “Terry” Becerril, is currently the owner of, Twenty-four Seven Interpreting Services, a business that has been around for 18 years. As a Linguistics Expert and a free lance interpreter, she considers Language one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted concept. Prior to this, she was Assistant Director of Program for Deaf Adults at La Guardia Community College, where she also taught English as a Second Language and American Sign Language to foreign-born, deaf adults. She was published in the now defunct Lesbian Magazine, Conmoción, under the guidance of Tatiana de la Tierra. She was also published at Hunter College, Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños. She is currently working on her first book and screenplay. When she’s not working, she snorts Sarcasm, injects Wit, and drinks Irony.

Joey Cortez


Photographer/Creative Associate


Joey Cortez is a Deaf, Gay, and Latino, creative Artist, and a professional photographer who resides in New York City. Joey started his studio, Top Secret Photography in 2010. With a keen eye for detail, color and natural light, he creates original with a true sense of place for his clients. Joey loves to travel with his camera. He is now learning how to direct film projects. Because of his photography skills, he believes the best pictures are captured through the essence of the human soul. Without them, how will you understand the artist’s world and vision through storytelling? In 2017, Joe worked as a production photographer for Jade Bryan’s film, “The Two Essence”. He is thrilled to be joining the Deaf Talent Media & Entertainment Consulting team.



Filmmaker/Associate Consultant


Martha Anger is a Jane of all the trade filmmaker. She is also an actor. Martha currently works for Sign1news Multimedia as a Journalist, Editor, and Anchor. She fell in love with movies since she was a little girl. Since she was a little girl, she has always wanted to be a filmmaker and an actor. Martha wants to change the world through her filmmaking Lens and share her stories. She also has been working in the Hollywood and Indie film Industry as a crew for over 11 years. Martha has a passion for doing what she loves. She has written, produced, directed, and starred in indie horror films. Martha's dream of one-day direct sci-fi films. Martha is a nomad child who loves to travel.



Writer/Associate Consultant


Erin Sanders-Sigmon was born and bred in Chicago, moved to D.C. alone at 13. There, she became a member of the Road Show, MSSD’s traveling performing troupe of ambassadors under the guidance of Tim McCarty (Pres., Quest Visual Theatre). During those years, she worked at the Kennedy Center, translating stories and songs from spoken language to ASL, as a member of Kennedy Center’s Traveling Young Players. Ms. Sanders-Sigmon is honored to be the panel moderator of Diversity & Inclusion: “Deaf Creators Reframing Hollywood’s Stigma” presented by Jade Films, which spotlights the movement and elevates the various talents that will explode across our screens nationwide! Erin is an ASL coach for theater and film projects.

Justin 2.jpg


Graphic Artist/Animator Consultant


Justin Forbes is a DEAF highly creative and multi-talent Jamaican graphic designer / Animator with extensive experience in Multi-media, animation, and press design and has received several ADDY Awards from Admark. He is a DEAF person who attended the Edna Manley School for the Visual Arts here in Jamaica for three (3) years, and I have work in the Graphic Arts / Animations / Special Effects / Composition field for the past thirty (30) years. Being DEAF only enhances my capacity to focus on the job at hand and over these many years. He had developed the ability to work well amid absolute chaos. He also acts as the director of the Magic of Sign Language (The MOSL). He enjoys spending quiet time with his wife, daughter, and dog.

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"Change only comes to those who join in and make things happen. Bystanders are like the corner guys, watching the day go by expecting change to happen for them." - Jade Bryan