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The Rise of BIPOC Deaf Talent® Creatives


Since the inception of the #DeafTalent® Movement in 2012, there has been a gradual growth of BIPOC Deaf Talent hired as writers, producers, consultants, and TV creators in Hollywood in front of and behind the camera. This growth was especially prominent after 2014, when The Shattered Mind film toured 47 film festivals around the globe from 2015 to 2017. The Shattered Mind film was submitted for consideration to 200 film festivals—screened by judges who are both Hollywood and independent filmmakers, producers, talent agents, writers, and actors. 

Every three month, we will update the data on the charts. Keep your eyes focused on the growth of BIPOC #DeafTalent® Creatives.

Learn about Inclusion Rider and #Change Hollywood.


Image Description: 

A pie chart titled “The Rise of BIPOC Deaf Talent®️ Creatives

Text: Percentage* (and number) of creatives in each category


Non-Hollywood Actors (indie films, commercials and educational videos) - 25% (60)


Performers (dance, theater, music videos, virtual) - 21% (49)

Digital Content Creators -13% (31)

Writers - 11% (25)


Actors (films, animation, television) - 8% (20) 


Directors - 8% (18)


Below-the-line-crew (including, but not limited to Director of American Sign Language/Direction of Artistic Sign Language, gaffer, consultant, make-up, production assistant, caterer, photographer, wardrobe stylist) - 8% (19)

Producers - 7% (16)


*Percentage total not equaling 100% due to rounding 


Source: Compiled by Jade Bryan/Deaf Talent®️ Casting, July 2022


A pie chart titled “The Rise of BIPOC Deaf Talent®️ Creatives” 

Image is of a pie chart showing the largest percentage,


46.8% in red for Black Deaf Talent®️ 

24.14% in blue for Latinx Deaf Talent®️ 


20.69% in peach for LGBTQ Deaf Talent®️ 

37% for other Deaf Talent®️ for Asian, Native American, Arab, Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 


#Black Deaf Talent 46.8% (95)

#Latinx Deaf Talent 24.14% (49)


#LGBTQ Deaf Talent 20.69% (42)


Other: Asian, Native American, Arab, Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 8.37% (17)

Text: Percentage and number of creatives in each category

Source: Data compiled by Jade Bryan/Deaf Talent®️ Casting 

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